Friday, February 10, 2012

T.W.Bean takes on the big apple

Geffen is very fortunate to have a friend who is almost exactly one day older than she is. Shira and I met when I was in graduate school in New York and have stayed in touch over these years of moves and life changes.  We both got married and pregnant around the same time.  I will never forget the phone call we had when I wondered why she had disappeared for about 11 weeks.  We were both avoiding each other until we were past 12 weeks to tell each other we were pregnant.  Throughout the pregnancy we spoke regularly about our various doctors appointments, prego discomforts and food endeavors.  I joked that we should write a book about being pregnant coast to coast and how being pregnant in LA and in NYC are the same and yet so different.  

The same has been true in this first year of being parents.  Shira and I have continued our bicoastal check ins.  I have a nanny, her daughter is in daycare.  My daughter is in the 95% for weight and height and hers is a petite little redhead.  So as we got closer to our little girl's first birthdays Shira and I began discussing what our plans were for our little girl's parties.  I was brimming with ideas so much so that I couldn't make a single decision on what to do.  Shira on the other hand knew the colors she had in mind and had a vision that she wasn't able to implement (Her theme for the party was "made with love, not with talent".)  So rather than buying little Yael another toy, I offered to decorate her 1st Birthday party instead.

Shira sent me some photos of the party room, took some measurements and picked out a color palette.   A few weeks later she received these items in the mail. 

Cake toppers - one for the "big kid" cake which had hand embossed bunting which read "Happy Birthday" and then a mini one for Yael's cake which was hand embossed with her name.  I can't take credit for the amazing looking cake - that was all Shira's doing!

Yael is the type of girl who can totally pull off a tutu.  So why not have one that totally coordinates with the color scheme of her party.  I heard her grandmother was very upset that I didn't make one for her.  Maybe if she plays nice she will get one for her next birthday as well. (Watch out Karen!)

The party room had three windows which needed a little sprucing.  So again going with the color scheme I made this scalloped bunting which would not only hang in the party but could be used again in Yael's room.
This is a pile of flower garland that also matched the color scheme.  This type of garland can be hung across windows, line tables or even strung along the ceiling.  Once again, one decoration that can be reused in Yael's room to add a little something.

It was a true honor to give the gift of color coordination and matching decor for Yael's birthday.  In return Yael sent Geffen the most awesome gift - things that will remind Geffen of the great time they had in NYC together, black and white cookies included!
I look forward to many more years of shared experiences with Shira.  Who knows, maybe one day we will put our adventures in writing and pregnant coast to coast will become a reality.

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