Monday, February 6, 2012

Modern Antique First Birthday Party

So as I start to build a business of creative consulting (thats the overall way I can think of describing my work)  I have been trying to work with people who have used my services before.  Months ago, before I took this on formally, I was hired to make wish cards for a baby shower.  Instead of a traditional guestbook I made small cards that allowed guests to share their wishes for the yet to be born baby and parents.  These are some photos of those great wish cards.

So when it was time for this clients own celebration, I was honored to help her celebrate her daughter's first birthday.  The celebration was a modern nod to an antique party.  I was able to work with the hostess on adding the signage and some little details that added a personal touch to an already great theme.
Theme: Antique/Contemporary
Menu: Breakfast - Cereal Bar, Pancake Bar, Mommy Mimosas and more
Items I made: bunting, garlands, burlap signage, small signage

Below are some photos of the various items I made.  It was a great chance to really become familiar with my grandmother's sewing machine.  I loved the whole look of the event and the signage was a great combination of classic lines on rustic material.  Enjoy - you know I did!
These labels were placed on/next to all the milk, juices, syrups etc.

Using burlap and great printable transfers  was able to make these personalized signs that both welcomed guests to the party and told them where the food was being served!

The flag bunting was made by using the antique fabrics that the hostess bought at a flea market.  They were also used to make the garlands.

FYI: Geffen's first birthday party was this past weekend - so stay tuned for that!

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  1. Very creative way to honor the old and the new eco sensibility.