Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Gift of Giving

I love giving gifts.  There is nothing like the pleasure of knowing that you gave someone the "perfect" gift.  Sometimes you get to watch the look on their face as they open the wrapping and find what they always wanted but never knew.  Other times you just leave it there in a pile with the rest of them and hope that when they unwrap your gift they pause for even a little bit longer than they did with the others.  Some of my top gifts given include:

My mom's birthday calendar - a personalized calendar with photos of all the grandkids and kids with important dates (everyones birthdays, anniversaries and holidays) already on it.)

My mother-in-law/mothers/grandmothers mothers day gift - a small 3x5 photo book of my daughter (the perfect size to carry in your purse and brag about the grandkids.)

The first birthday gift I gave my husband - on our first date we met for dinner and then took a walk around the area near the restaurant.  One of the stores had these velvet gnome piggy banks.  In order to make conversation we discussed which we would buy, if we were to buy one.  Six months after that first date I wrapped a light blue velvet gnome piggy bank in a box and gave it to him along with some useful kitchen items.  The best part of that gift was that I couldn't find a box that was big enough so I cut a hole around the top so what you saw was a perfectly wrapped box with light blue velvet gnome hat sticking out of the top.

Anyway - why do i mention all this...I recently had the chance to give a gift that I was so thrilled to be able to share.

Along with the amazing gift of my daughter almost a year ago, I received the gift of being part of a mommy and me class.  As most of us joked we just took the class to buy friends, it turned out to be very true.  I have met some amazing, inspiring women in this mommy and me group and I am not sure what my life as a mother would be like without them.  So when one of the moms told us she was moving across the country since her husband got an amazing job, I couldn't help but go into action.  Together with the other amazing mommies we put together the perfect survival kit for a mommy moving to New York.  Take a look at what we were able to give her:

Here is the I (Heart) LA tote bag - just to remind her of where she came from

Inside the tote were some goodies including: A "dress your snowman kit", a snowball maker, an "LA Misses You" onesie for the baby, the first season of Toddler and Tiaras (an inside joke in the group), a subway card and a family annual pass to the Zoo and Aquarium

I made a little card with all of the names of the mommies who contributed and some art that would remind her of what she was leaving behind :)

All in all a gift I loved giving.
We will miss you Samantha and Charlotte but we enjoyed giving you something to help you feel at home in your new home!!!
What's do your gifts say about you?

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