Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where to begin...

At the beginning I guess.  31+ years ago my parents had one wonderful passionate night that...ok maybe not that far back.  My creative streak goes way back.  There is a photo of me when I was about 3 or 4 carrying a pen and paper around the house.  When I was 10 or so my parents bought me a handheld sewing machine.  I hadn't sewn anything before but, without hesitation, I proceeded to design outfits for my Barbie made from old clothes.  Proof below (no comments about the glasses or haircut please!)

I have always looked at crafty things with an eye on learning it how it was  put together in order to recreate it or a version of it for myself.  This skill-set has come in handy with countless pieces of IKEA furniture and a number of creative ventures (including the bedroom set I once made for myself).

This all bring us to today and to T.W.Bean.

T.W.Bean was born both literally and figuratively in January 2011 when my daughter Geffen, my little bean, was born...

Having a child has been fulfilling in more ways than I could have imagined.  Not only did she fill me with an over abundance of love and joy.  But she filled me with this great desire to create.  She is such an inspiration and T.W.Bean is my attempt to channel that creativity in such a way that would allow me to spend more time with her, T(time).W(with).Bean(her nickname).

I hope you enjoy these projects and inspirations and share them with those you love and those who inspire you!


  1. Yay! What does the T.W. stand for?

  2. T(time).W(with).Bean(her nickname).

  3. That's my sister! Keep the good stuff coming

  4. Awesome, goodluck I will share your link over here, love that picture ;) Davina